Looking for a Drive To Write

I would like to see a live gaysex in front of me and write a story about it. Any partners out there  or anybody that is willing to take part? I will pay the expenses for the place (a hotel, motel, or something). Maybe I’ll just watch and think of what story to write on. Should you (and/or your friend) be interested, please message me (and attach picture/s) at www.fb.com/yesthisisanalias. I’ll be waiiting. I’ll reply to your message for more details. Place: Metro Manila.


Message na!


As the first story was uploaded last night, it embodies the start of a new erotic series. Featuring Daniel Guevarra as the protagonist. Welcome to the world of wildness, sex, and friends. This is DIRTY HOT FRIENDS Series. The series could be found under the Daniel Megaseries menu.🙂